Resource Management Consultancy

Our service goes beyond the searching, identification and placing of a candidate against a given vacancy. We are at our most effective when working in a partnership basis with our clients', adding real value alongside an existing HR recruitment function or as an independent operation. We can provide strategic consultation, offer professional advice on key issues, or just assist and support with your identified needs including:

  • Establishing a Resourcing Strategy
  • Developing Recruitment Process Improvements
  • Creating a Resource Plan
  • Supporting External Recruitment Exhibitions
  • Assisting with Recruitment Advertising Campaigns
  • Provision of Industry-specific Market Intelligence

Some examples of when these services are often required are listed below. In each instance we work to support in achieving your goals either on our client's premises or off-site as required.

  • Small-medium sized businesses creating a recruitment function from conception
  • Projects undergoing a high intensity phase requiring time-critical usually short-term recruitment support
  • Longer-term, often ad-hoc recruitment and resource consultation over a longer period