The Search

Recruiting first-class resource is a challenge. We have found that some of the best talent around is not available on the open market and requires a more innovative approach to acquire. We use our experience, initiative and a proactive approach to search, identify, select and recruit the best the industry has to offer.

We provide different levels of service to suit the nature and urgency of the requirement. In each instance, we identify, interview and qualify candidates against your criteria.

  • "Talent Spotting"
    A low-level search whereby we identify and present candidates to you against a given brief. This could be for project resource planning; bid preparation or requirements which are anticipated shortly but not immediate. 
  • Contingency Search
    A more traditional search against a specific job description using a variety of sources including known Pathfinder associates, our maintained database and advertising. 
  • Executive Search & Selection
    A high-level and skilled search where we conduct extensive company and market research targeting specific individuals who hold the rare skills and attributes required for the role.